AKNS Zajel Newsletter

“Knowing that someone is always there for them can work like magic”!

Every student has unlimited potential. But there are contributing factors that can affect whether they eventually live up to that potential. At AKNS, we believe that a parent’s role in a child’s life has far-reaching impact. Parental involvement is extremely important for a child to do well in school.

For this reason, and because we believe that working together will make a difference. We are introducing today a new way of helping both parents and students through “AKNS Zajel newsletter”.

What is AKNS Zajel?

It is a weekly newsletter for parents that is issued every Thursday, starting Thursday 14 January 2021.


What does it include?

AKNS Zajel will include articles for parents, tips, useful links and many more that aims to help and involve parents more with their kids. The newsletter will be in both Arabic and English Language.


Where can parents access this newsletter?

The newsletter will be shared by email, and it will be available on the school’s website as well.