Welcome message from the Superintendent / CEO

Ms. Ghadeer Abu-Shamat

Welcome to 2020-2021! 

On behalf of our entire staff, we welcome back all students and families returning to our school. Also, we extend a special welcome to our new students and families who are joining our AKNS family.  

We, at AKNS, are committed providing our students with a high-quality education. AKNS family aims to be one of the finest US Curriculum schools in Dubai in terms of the quality of teaching and learning and students’ character. Our goals this year are:

1. Raise attainment in all subjects, by:

Planning opportunities for open-ended tasks that require higher-order thinking and providing students with greater choice over how to present their learning; making more effective use of digital technology to enhance learning; accurately identifying student starting points and, in partnership with students and their families systematically building on their knowledge, understanding and skills.

2. As an integral part of the school’s literacy plan, improve the progress of first and additional language learners, in lessons and over time, by:

more effective co-ordination provision, intervention and monitoring of the impact of the plan across all four phases of the school; focused, quality training for teachers on how best to meet students’ needs; ensuring structured language development, as well as language practice, are explicit in the planning and delivery of all lessons.

 Furthermore, the Pedagogical Leadership Team agreed on the following three priorities for 2020-2021:

Priority 1: Students’ Attainment

Priority 2: Literacy

Priority 3: Teaching and Learning

At the core of AKNS there is a strong and clear sense of dedication. The school is very fortunate to have passionate educators at its center to move AKNS to outstanding in 2022.  Expectations of all existing and new staff are high. Hence, we worked hard during the summer to hire qualified teachers especially in the Middle School. Moreover, to have strong credit system, we hired qualified senior leaders in the High School to ensure that the High School Students are well-prepared for their desired universities.

For the past four years, AKNS’s team members showed their commitment to achieve the vision of HH Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashed Al Maktoum, the National Agenda targets, and to ensure sustained and continuous improvement in all aspects of the school. During this period, the DSIB inspection described AKNS as “a progressing school” as the school is moving in the right direction to achieve its goals and vision. Our success and accomplishments could not have been achieved without the support of GEMS, our strong partnership with our parents, and the countless hours of time given by the teachers and administrators inside and outside the classrooms. So far, the Journey is successful… but... It’s not the end... it’s only the beginning as we are determined to become an outstanding school by 2022.

 Wishing you and your children the very best and hope you will have a successful, and an enjoyable academic year! 

 Warm regards,

Ms. Ghadeer Abu-Shamat

Superintendent / CEO