Welcome message from the Superintendent / CEO

Ms. Ghadeer Abu-Shamat

Success for All achieved by Excellence through Teamwork

A warm welcome to GEMS AKNS team…and ‘Welcome aboard’ to the new members of AKNS family!

I do believe that we can all succeed as one team when we collaborate, communicate well, and deliver our best. It is not easy for anyone to succeed and excel without collaboration and teamwork. In fact, working as one team gives every staff member that chance to excel. Let's translate AKNS’s slogan "Excellence through Teamwork" to action. We can make this happen. I am positive that with our dedication, loyalty, innovation, creativity, and cooperation our excellence and success will echo.  This is to be our ‘magic formula’ to achieve our goals. 

We, at AKNS, are committed to the achievement of academic excellence. Our aim is to provide our students with a high-quality education. AKNS family aims to be one of the finest US Curriculum schools in Dubai in terms of the quality of teaching and learning and students’ character.

Our priorities for this academic year are:

  1. Students’ progress
  2. Teaching for effective learning
  3. Self –Evaluation and School Improvement Planning 

Surely, this cannot be achieved without good preparation, collaboration, commitment, perseverance, and strong partnership with our parents. 

At the core of AKNS there is a strong and clear sense of dedication. The school is very fortunate to have passionate educators at its center to move AKNS to a higher level.  Expectations of all existing and new staff are high. So stay focused and get yourselves geared up as the road ahead will be challenging, but rewarding as well as exciting. 

Here is wishing you the very best and hope you will have a successful, fruitful and an enjoyable year at AKNS!

Warm regards,

Ms. Ghadeer Abu-Shamat

Superintendent / CEO