About us

Welcome to GEMS Al Khaleej National School

At GEMS Al Khaleej National School (GEMS AKNS) we resolutely believe that success stems from exceptional teaching practices, attentive administration, wonderful families and responsible students.

We have been bringing out the best in each student since 1992 by promoting a healthy balance between Islamic values, cultural heritage and 21st century learning skills. In order to achieve this we have established a culture of integrity that supports academic success and creates a community of lifelong learners. This, in tandem with a curriculum infused with social justice themes, allows children to develop the skills of global students who are ready for every challenge and opportunity.

GEMS Education is committed to providing quality instruction by placing an effective teacher in front of every child, an effective Principal at every school, and effective staff in all roles across the entire organization. GEMS AKNS represents a culmination of the innovative ideas and fresh perspectives generated by this philosophy, with its mission being to educate the next generation of international leaders.

Whether you are already a part of our school community or you are exploring GEMS AKNS for the first time, we trust you find our site enlightening, enjoyable and user-friendly. We also hope the site expresses a little of the essence of the magnificent learning environment fostered by our dedicated teachers and gifted students. Together they make GEMS Al Khaleej National School the unique and special place it is.